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Old News Archive:

November 2014: The climate change documentary COMFORT ZONE continues to find an audience at
environmental festivals around the country! It screened in the spring of 2014 at Chicago's
ONE EARTH Film Festival, which led to a number of other screenings.
See the film's official web page and Facebook page for details.
November 2013: COMFORT ZONE has had a number of screenings this month
including one at Rochester's Rundell Library and several in the Buffalo area, including at Daemen College.
There are more screenings coming up next spring, so check our official web page and Facebook page for details.
October 2013: So much has been happening that it's been hard to find time to update this page!
COMFORT ZONE screened at three film festivals in October:
The Buffalo International FF, Yonkers FF, and the American Conservation FF!
May 2013: If you missed our February premiere, you'll have another chance
to see COMFORT ZONE in June! The film will appear at a second public screening
on June 24th at Rochester's Cinema Theater. This is part of a special RCTV-sponsored screening series.
February 2013: After 6 years of work, it's finally ready!
COMFORT ZONE premiered at Rochester's Little Theatre on Feb. 13th, 2013
to a sold out audience of almost 300! Thanks to a wonderful audience whose enthusiasm
(and great questions and comments during the Q&A) reminded us of why we make movies.
Thanks also to Erich Van Dussen of the Messenger Post newspaper for his in-depth article about us and our film.
August 2012: COMFORT ZONE (a film about change) is nearly done.
The film is now being scored by the extremely talented Andrew Ryckaert.
Thanks to all those who have contributed their time and money!
The official site is at: ComfortZoneProject.com
We also have a Facebook page
April 2011: Early test screenings are underway for the climate film rough cut, now entitled Comfort Zone.
Thanks to our volunteer screeners!
If you would like to be part of a future test screening, drop me an email or a note on the Contact page.
July 2010 - March 2011: Work on the climate change documentary enters its final stage.
The three co-producers of The Last Experiment, with help from filmmaker/editor Morgan Nichols,
build a narrative using the best of our 200+ hours of footage.
April 2009: We're pleased to announce that the short film "A Voice from the Lantern" will be screened at the Rochester International Film Fest (Movies on a Shoestring) on April 25th. Rain Zone recently completed post-production of the film for Uzoma Films/Shibumi Productions. The film was written and directed by Anton Zane, and was co-produced and co-edited by Marita Ferre. Serving as Director of Photography and co-editor was Sean P. Donnelly.
March 2009: Editing is beginning on the feature length climate change documentary "The Last Experiment?" Meanwhile, shooting continues!
November 2008: The new improved website for "The Last Experiment?" just went live. The site includes a slideshow and updated trailer.
November 2008: The short film "A Voice from the Lantern" is now lean and mean and down to its "festival length" of 29:55. It's getting a sneak preview screening on November 24th at the Little Theatre's Emerging Filmmakers Series. The film was written and directed by Anton Zane.
October 2008: The new trailer for our feature-length climate change documentary ""The Last Experiment?" is now up! The new improved website is under construction and will be up in mid-November.
March 2008: A website and trailer are up for our climate change film The Last Experiment? Shooting and editing will continue through 2008. Also, the last reshoots for A Voice from the Lantern are complete, and final editing is underway.
June 2007: Shooting for the "Climate Change Documentary" got into full swing in April and continues. The as yet untitled documentary is a collaboration between Kate Kressmann-Kehoe, Dave Danesh, and Sean Donnelly. Shooting and editing will continue through the year.
March 2007: Completed principal photography in December for Anthony Griswold's "A Voice from the Lantern" for Uzoma Films. Editing is underway.
August 2006: Our short film BIRD HUNTERS premiered to a packed house at the Little Theatre's Emerging Filmmakers Series on Monday, August 28th!
Thanks to all who came and laughed and cheered!

Watch the BIRD HUNTERS trailer here. Also, there is an official BIRD HUNTERS website.
April 2006: BIRD HUNTERS was awarded an Honorable Mention by the 2006 Rochester International Film Festival (Movies on a Shoestring).