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Interview Fundamentals
for the New Global Economy

(2006) 4:20

Actors: Curt Markham, Bob Willams
Camera: Erick Crespo, Sean Donnelly, Liz Lehmann, Editor: Sean Donnelly

A downsized manager goes to great lengths to appear
the ideal candidate for a job in "waste management."

This short comedy was shot in 2004 at SUNY Brockport, just before most LoFilmers got busy with other projects. Sean finally found time to edit it in February 2006. It screened at the Little Theatre's Emerging Filmmakers Series on April 24, 2006.

Please download to your hard drive if you want to watch it more than once (right mouse button, Save Target As...).

Interview Fundamentals (4:20) (Windows Media 15 MB)
Interview Fundamentals (4:20) (Quicktime 30 MB)

This film is Copyright 2006 by the participants. All rights are reserved.