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(2003) 13:30

Actors: Keith Lloyd, Chuck McCoy, Karen Tuccio, Bob Willams
Camera: Liz Lehmann, Sean Donnelly, Editor: Sean Donnelly

Four department heads meet to decide who gets laid off, but when
the manipulation, innuendo and backstabbing begin, all bets are off.

Our third LoFilm was shot in about 2 hours in the Rochester Public Library. The storyline was brainstormed from scratch, and the dialog was improvised by the actors. The final edit was shown on April 6, 2004 at the Little Theatre's Emerging Filmmakers Series.

The entire film is available at the following link. It's a 100 megabyte Windows Media 9 file, only watchable over broadband connection: Downsizing (for Windows Media)
Now also available for Mac users (50MB file): Downsizing.mov
This film is Copyright 2003 by the directors and actors involved. All rights are reserved.