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Matt Bowers designed and built his Honeoye Falls, New York home to the Passive House standard -- ten times tighter than building codes require.
Step inside one of the most energy-efficient homes in the world. SUPERHOUSE premiered at Rochester's 4th annual Fast Forward Film Festival.


Big things come in small packages. SOLVING HUGE is the story of ozone, and what it has to teach us about solving climate change.
This short film premiered at Rochester's first annual Fast Forward Film Festival (opening night at the Little Theatre).

Is climate change a scientific problem? An engineering problem? A psychological problem?
COMFORT ZONE is the consciousness-changing story of three ordinary Americans confronting what
climate change means for us -- scientifically, economically and personally -- as the problem challenges our very sense of who we are.
COMFORT ZONE premiered on February 13, 2013 at a sold-out Greentopia-sponsored event at Rochester's Little Theatre.
The film's official web site and Facebook page have more up-to-date information.
The film was co-produced, co-edited, co-written and co-directed by David Danesh, Sean P. Donnelly, and Kate Kressmann-Kehoe.

This is the story of a young Japanese woman cut off from her home and family, yet compelled to return in any way possible.
The film premiered at the Rochester International Film Festival (Movies on a Shoestring) in 2009.
Directed by Anton Zane. Produced by Anton Zane & Marita Ferre.
Sean Donnelly served as Cinematographer, Co-Editor, and Post-production house for this short from Uzoma Films.

An obsessed professor and self-serving students search the woods for a giant bird while trying to outwit backwoods hunters who seek the same quarry.

A software team exploits their manager's ignorance to milk a simple job, but the new hire is not getting with the program.

"Just For Fun" Short Films

LoFilms are shot in one day for fun and practice.
Check out some of them on the Rochester LoFilm page!

A Walk in the Park  (2006) A martial arts practice interrupted (with apologies to Benny Hill).