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Coming soon to a forest near you!

The official Bird Hunters Movie web site is now up!
What you've stumbled on here is the old production site.
But hey, as long as you're here...
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Directed by: ANTON ZANE   Produced by: SEAN DONNELLY


Story, Cinematography & Editing by: SEAN DONNELLY

The Camp Fire Girls:

Julia Eblacker, Meghan Eblacker, Michelle Forman, Jessica Griswold


Director: Anton Zane

Producer, Director of Photography: Sean Donnelly

Gaffer & Second Camera Operator: John Putnam

Script Supervisors: Sandy Forman, Karen Gibson

Boom Operators: Evan Geary, solomon

Production Assistants: Sandy Forman, Lisa Eblacker, Keith McManus, Allie, David Danesh, Brian McKenzie, solomon, Colleen Masumi Elrod-Blaylock, Neal Rudin, Meghan Eblacker, Amylouise Donnelly

Bird Wrangler: Ellen Post


A professor, obsessed with his search for a giant bird, is convinced by his students that it lives in a nearby forest. Ecstatic, he launches a hapless expedition including his impatient girlfriend and self-serving grad students. The research expedition soon unravels and, while trying to regroup and look for the bird, the researchers must outwit backwoods hunters who seek the same quarry.


August 2006 - Based on feedback and on observations of what films are getting into festivals, we decided to do some further editing in May and June, and ended up with a 28-minute edit that we're very happy with. So happy, in fact, that we're declaring this the Final Cut. The film will be screening at the Emerging Filmmaker's Series at the Little Theatre on August 28th!

April 2006 - After a few more minor edits, we continue to submit the film to festivals. We've received quite a bit of positive feedback. The film was recently awarded an Honorable Mention at the Rochester International Film Festival. Check back for additional news.

October 29, 2005 - Okay, there's no excuse for not updating this log for six months. Let me catch you up: After shooting a bit more footage, including the arduous but much more humorous original ending that we didn't want to shoot last year, we finished the final cut of the film in June. Music and sound recording and mixing was completed in July, just in time for the Cast & Crew Party. Thanks to everyone who attended, and for those who couldn't make it, we missed you! After some more sound adjustments the film was ready to begin submitting to festivals. Submissions are ongoing, and we'll keep you posted when the film is scheduled to appear at any festivals, and of any local screenings. Also, thanks to Tony we have an official website: birdhuntersmovie.com.

April 10, 2005 - Thanks to Chelsea and Meredith, who came in for some voice recording and in Chelsea's case some additional close-up shots, we now have a 33 minute edit that we're very happy with. The decision to shoot more material caused a schedule slip, but it was worth it in order to better introduce and complete the story. There is more sound design work to do, and we are in the process of completing the soundtrack with guitarist Don Dinino and recording engineer / musician Marc Webster. It won't be long now. Hopefully we will be able to screen the film for the cast and crew in May, as we are simultaneously sending it off to festivals in search of our official festival premiere.

January 27, 2005 - For everyone who has been asking, we have a rough cut! The visual effects are done, and Rochester audio engineer Marc Webster has begun work on the sound design and music.

November 13 - Thanks to the huge efforts by cast and crew, we were able to complete shooting of the film between August 14 and September 26, shooting on just about every Saturday and Sunday. Editing is underway, as well as a small amount of visual effects work. By December we hope to enter the last stages of post-production: final sound and musical scoring.

August 6 - Things are coming along well. Rehearsals are going great, and we have solid locations. We welcomed John Putnam on board (Gaffer and Second Camera Operator) and Evan Geary (PA). Costuming has begun. The script breakdown / storyboard was completed and shoot planning is underway. Thanks to George Walter and WXXI, for generously offering to let us shoot some scenes on vacant WXXI property.

July 17 - Planning weekend location scouting and script-lock. Open crew positions come to mind: We are still looking for a Gaffer and Sound Mixer. Also need Production Assistants and a Boom Operator. We plan to schedule shoots on most weekends in August. They'll be daytime shoots, dependent on sunlight and no rain (so we'll plan a 'rain date' for each shooting day). Hope to have the production schedule done by next weekend.

July 15 - Location search kicks into gear. Thanks to June Foster and Dwight Craver of the Rochester Film Office, and their friends, we have some great sites to check out. Final script adjustments are happening, and script breakdowns have started.

July 12, 2004 - Casting is complete! We welcome our actors: Meredith, Ben, Chelsea, Chris and Keith. Rehearsals begin Monday July 19.

Please contact Sean Donnelly (sean@rain-zone.com)
for more information.