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Rain Zone is:


Producer, Videographer, Editor, Writer, Director

Sean is an engineer by trade, but his artistic passion is film and video production. He co-produced (and co-shot, co-edited, and co-starred in) the 2013 feature documentary COMFORT ZONE. He has since focused on producing shorter films (mostly on environmental topics). He also assists other productions in various freelance capacities: shooting, editing, color correction, visual effects, post-production.

In 1998 Sean joined a newly-forming AIVF Salon in Rochester, NY. In 2002 he collaborated with screenwriter and director Liz Lehmann on a feature length screenplay, and teamed up with Liz and other filmmakers to shoot and edit several improvised guerilla film shorts affectionately labeled "LoFilms" (including Downsizing, Reading Marcus, and Interview Fundamentals for the New Global Economy which screened in Rochester's Emerging Filmmakers Series). In 2004 Sean teamed with actor/director Anton Zane to make the short comedy Bird Hunters. Sean served as DP in 2006 when Anton brought a reinterpreted and shortened version of his stage play, "A Voice from the Lantern," to the screen. In 2007 Sean teamed up with filmmakers Kate Kressmann-Kehoe and David Danesh to co-produce a feature length documentary on climate change, culminating in COMFORT ZONE (2013).

Rain Zone also comprises the efforts of talented freelancers that converge as needed.